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Our Story

Like many of the best tools and inventions, EEPS was designed to solve a problem. Our team identified that a reliable solution did not exist in the marketplace that allowed companies to effectively motivate their workforce and keep staff productive, and as a result, EEPS was born…

It all started with Dr Essa Faqeeh, an experienced entrepreneur, involved in many tourism businesses during his successful career. He first developed the EEPS system as a solution for his own business. He has since tested a manual version of the concept on a number of companies to perfect it. Dr Essa then teamed up with Richard Alexandre, owner of a UK-based technology company and together they established E-Solutions Technology to develop the electronic version of EEPS. EEPS is now being used in various industries on web-based and mobile platforms.

E-Solutions Technology

The partnership that created EEPS has seen immediate and consistent success on a number of digital software products. They have worked on projects in the private and public sector and have developed a variety of digital tools which are used extensively in the UK, Africa and the Middle East. The partnership has decades of combined experience which gives them the knowledge and expertise to create high-quality digital tools for a range of industries and sectors.

Our Clients

The team behind EEPS and E-Solutions Technology have worked with a wide range of customers from all over the world. Here are some examples of satisfied customers that we have worked with:

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